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I'm sort of an artist. Kind of. Not really.
But I am however, a person of the internet! The internet can be a wonderful place for all human beings!
Buuuuut then there's tumblr...


Franck Bohbot


In this series Franck Bohbot embraces the absence of typical daytime noise, deliveries, lively streets, and tourist visits on the streets of New York City’s Chinatown.
Half-way between poetry and science fiction-like movie sets, through this nocturnal series with New York City as the sole backdrop, he invites us to discover an empty, motionless neighborhood devoid of its inhabitants. With his camera by his side, some images were shot instinctively while others are more contemplative. The result is an enigmatic voyage that creates a pictorial and fantasy-like universe in the thick of night.


i really want chocolate and icecream but not because I got dumped or anything, im just sad. it feels like life dumped me


Memorie Urbane by Anders Gjennestad, Strøk.

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